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Barcamp Berlin 3 has a special focus on international attendees but is also the biggest Barcamp of the year in Germany. Knowing that, we the organizers have made two lists:

- one for attendees from Germany (including attendees with foreign passports but living in Germany)
- one from everybody outside of Germany (including Germans)

The German list is separated into several events which you can find under events to allow people to attend maybe just one single day or so.

You, as an international visitor ONLY need to sign up for this event

to get into the barcamp and do not (and should not) add yourself to the other events. :)

PLEASE NOTE (international event list)

The international participants event list is for people living outside Germany ONLY! Everyone misusing this eventlist gets kicked out of the network and is not able to attend Barcamp Berlin 3. (and we mean it!)


The space for the BarCamp is limited, which is why we decided to split up the registration:

Please note:
  • a BarCamp rule says: no spectators, only participants
  • advertising on the BarCamp is not allowed if you're not a sponsor. All non-sponsor materials will be removed
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It is required that you register for a mixxt account in order for the organizers to be able to reach you and send you information regarding the event. Please link your name here to your profile to help us.

Hope to see you in Berlin!

Last changed by Tobias Kaufmann on 12/10/2008 at 21:02

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