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Social Media Monitoringjavascript:void(0);

Social Media Monitoringjavascript:void(0);

Social Media Monitoring

15:00 - 15:45 Oracle

Awareness/ Networking level / Coverage

operationalisation through following indicators

  • networkanalytic key figurs (centrality)
  • coverage (page impressions/page visits/unique users)
  • Google page rank
  • number of linkages at google
  • Technorati-authority
  • ranking in highscore listes: metaroll etc.
  • number of outlinks per day (average)
  • number of words
  • attention
  • participation
  • authority
  • influence

Thematic Focus/Adjustment

  • Are there topics beyond personal relevancy? (genral interest etc.)
  • What kind of topics are there? (personal affinity and beyond)


  • What i'm personally interested in?
  • What other people interested in?
  • What's relevant in general?
  • What kind of social relations exists?
  • 'Who is communicating with whom?
  • What do we want to measure and how?
    • in general: Content vs Structure / Quality vs. Quantity the more people are interested in the same tpoic in the came time?
    • in general: System befor/after campain; difference
    • Networking: How many people get connected?
    • Ranking: Is Technorati / Google-Rank enough?
    • Residence time: is not suitable to measure relevance (e.g. second tab)




  • Richard Joerges
  • Robert Dürhager


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