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Topic suggestions & Wishes

Topic suggestions & Wishes

Topic suggestions

Be prepared: Use our presentation template. Write down your topic and plug it into a free slot on saturday and sunday morning's agenda setting.

Add +1 to a topic if you're interested in it. Let's find out what's popular.

  • + 4 getting things written - the past, present and future of text collaboration tools - from photo copier, pencil and color marker to word, google docs and dedicated online tools. what's needed, what's good, what's bad. (Alexander Lang & Katrin Kampfrath)

  • Deutsche Welle Podcasting DW-WORLD.DE is the source for the latest news, analysis and background information from a European perspective. We offer the latest multimedia content with services like podcasts, live and on-demand streaming, RSS-Feeds and mobile portal. We provide a wide range of audio and video podcasts which include radio and TV programs as well as language courses. Deutsche Welle Podcasting

  • The BOBs 2008 - Deutsche Welle Blog Awards The BOBs is the world's largest international Weblog awards for blogs, podcasts and videoblogs. Deutsche Welle established this portal as a link to the global blogosphere and the culture that surrounds them. Along with an annual, international blog awards competition, www.thebobs.com offers a Blogopedia and Blogmap - the perfect means to search for blogs around the world. Deutsche Welle - The BOBs

  • +3 Internet franchising If you have a great product on one big market, why not to allow people from smaller markets use your product and implement on foreign markets? Let's say you have your product well established on German market, you can find some people who can introduce your solution on Polish market. You just share your product with foreign entrepreneuers (even without displaying your source code), they translate the user interface and promote your product on their market. Thus, you can earn money from almost no additional work. How does it sound? Feel free to comment on it during the Barcamp! Mateusz Romanowski

  • +6 Artificial vs. Intelligence Are you a fan of Space Odyssey 2001? Well, computers in 2001 were nothing like HAL. Fast, shinny, but still utterly stupid. AI is still more Artificial then Intelligence. But things are changing! We want to give you brief outlook on state of art solutions in creating Virtual Humans. How we do it, what’s it good for and finally is your mind job already endangered? You will see demo, hear about Virtual Employees working for very real companies and finally get your chance to ask a question to avatar. Go to InteliWISE and Avaguide.net to get the idea now. Peter Wiktorowski
UPDATE: Sorry for the technical problems please check demos

  • +5 Learning 2.0 So, learning is dull, makes no fun, and remembers us of books and dust? scoyo follows a new idea: innovative, educational contents are presented in a digital environment - and they are just fun. So why talk about serious games and educational games? We try to make learning itself both fun and challenging. I would like to share some of our ideas (get to know our chaotic Tomokos with Isamu, Emi and Yukata) and discuss educational/teaching approaches with you. Ruth Betz

  • +6 Form follows function, which defines purpose, and purpose is the element many people look for in life. The inspiration, the dramatic persona of life is often defined by light. Photos, lines, colors, shades of darkness, how does a visual blogger fit into a text blogging world? Are you a blogger if you only post images to Flickr? How does one go about creating fresh visual content for blogs? If you have a visual concept in your head, how do you translate that vision into an image on your blog? I'm feeling inspired to ramble about creating visual content (photos, graphic art, etc.) for the expressed purpose of improving your uniqueness on the web and communicating with readers. Mark Melnykowycz

  • +6 Innovation & software development. Finding the balance between structured methods and opportunistic programming in expensive and time-costly projects within bigger companies. I am writing my master thesis about how agile methods can make bigger companies more innvoative and i would like to share some of my thoughts and get inspiration from all of you guys&gals. (Warning: This would be a completely non-technical session). Julie Sanders

  • +4 The Art of Marketing and Promoting your great Web Application to your potential users - as most of the suggested talks are very technical, I guess we should also talk about how to actually "sell" our web application/startup to our users. A great app will not sell itself. We should actively find ways of promoting our web application to the users. I'm running a web2.0 application for more than a year now and my background is in marketing and sales, so I'll be happy to talk about my experiences when promoting my web app, what has worked well, what not, mistakes I've made and so forth - Michael Sliwinski

  • +5 Google App Engine - The constraints of designing applications for the BigTable and the resulting scalability benefit. Fabian (A technical session, not dealing with lock-in concerns)

  • +5 Rails deployment & scaling - How to deploy an application written in Ruby on Rails and how to handle scaling aspects - including my practical experiences. Helps to get your ubercool Web 2.0 App up and running. :-) Thomas (A technical session)

  • +5 I would like to offer this session including the SEO basics, a second session about landing page optimization, and a third session which would be a landing page clinic, so something very interactive where we can discuss actual campaigns of attendees. I will explain in detail in Berlin. SEO is dead, long live SEO - I usually get a chuckle out of checking the latest and greatest 'news' about the SEO industry, I am working in this industry for more than 5 years in the US, and the successful strategies back then were the same as they are nowadays, everything else is short sighted and will cause more harm than anything else in the long run, but I am still waiting for the moment when the SEO industry realizes this and is sick of catching up with Google. I would like to talk about my SEO approach, going back to building sites for visitors and not for search engines. Online Marketing is more than just SEO, I would cover successful keyword SEO campaigns including keyword research, landing page design and using social media to get more Google juice. Marc Uhlig _ _ UPDATE: Because of the great feedback for this topic at BarCamp Munich I decided to focus on marketing for the BarCamp Berlin as well.

  • +3 The Web Citizenship - How the world will become a better place as global offline cultures will be replaced by a global online culture. I am currently working on my doctor degree and this is the topic of my dissertation. I will extend the idea of 'The World is flat' by Thomas L. Friedman and add another dimension tho his ideas about globalization. In this presentation I would like to elaborate on the progress and my findings of my dissertation and discuss the idea. Marc Uhlig _ _ UPDATE: As I will focus on marketing I will probably drop this one.

  • +10 Collective Intelligence - Recommending products, finding related people and personalizing content. We'll be looking at different strategies for using user generated data to drive recommendation systems. Dave Sharrock and Garik Petrosyan from Be2 will give an overview of how collective intelligence can drive site growth and some some of the challenges of building a scalable match-making system for online dating. Scott Wheeler from Directed Edge will follow up with an introduction to techniques used in modern recommendation systems, including link-structure and content analysis and collaborative filtering.

  • +10 Wikis and Enterprise 2.0. I may end talking on how to choose the right wiki engine for companies, projects, etc. given that there's so much more than Mediawiki! Mediawiki supporters welcome anyway ;)
Martin Koser

  • + 2 Building Facebook-applications with Ruby on Rails - I'd like to share my experience in building facebook-applications with rails. Using RFacebook vs. the Facebooker-plugin, integrating facebook support into an existing application and so on. I can also give you an impression what growth you can expect via facebook in the german market (since facebook is still playing a minor role in Germany). Malte Münchert

  • +1 SoundCloud.com takeaways. Lessons from building a web-scale audio platform Eric Wahlforss

  • +9 CouchDB and the Web: Relation is not everything - The architecture of most modern database systems is relational. This stems from the mainframe aera, where you had massive amounts of tabular data. The web is to some degree different. So it makes sense to think about new ways to handle web data, e.g. with document based databases. In this session we will dive into the marvellous world of developing web applications with CouchDB and web scripting languages. Volker Goebbels

  • +6 Biotope for Geeks - I'd like to share some thoughts about how geeks of any colour and profession can share their expertise of partially very specialized fields to create a virtual company or team which lets you do things you like at places you like on a time you like to do it. No office to travel to, no company cars, no large organization to feed and best of all no boss. Volker Goebbels

  • +2 Employee retention in young companies, Food for thought for Employee Satisfaction
    Thomas Kujawa
  • Lifestream Hub – As Social Networks are fragmenting and users diversify their social activities across the web it would be nice to have a central Lifestream Hub, preferably on and offline, for aggregating and publishing and maybe with a personal integrated SN. I would like to discuss where this hub should be, how it may look like and what surprising functionality it might have. Yves Luther

  • +1 Music discovery on the net. Challenges and technologies for creating music discovery and recommendation web services and sites Petar Djekic

  • +3 Theatre 2.0: What is theatre? What is interactive theatre? How to incorporate web 2.0 structures in theatre productions: What is/could theatre 2.0 be? Benedict Roeser

  • +4 Free or not! What kind of business models do we see in the field of communities/"social media" and what I don`tlike about it - like "advertising getting content" or "the brand your friend". Clemens Lerche

  • +1 Docpool.org: I would like to introduce the Docpool developer's search engine and discuss how information retrieval and sharing of knowlege among developers might be improved over the web. Edouard Simon

  • +4 Social Media Strategies - Everybody wants to be involved in the social web. To not miss the train a lot of companies are putting out quick social campaigns and fail miserably. The right way to go is to develop a longterm strategy first. Forrester has introduced the post-framework for developing a social media strategy. In this session, I will give you a basic overview of the framework and would love to discuss the possibilities of implementing it with you. (Johannes Kleske)

  • +10 Simple Semantic Tagging (Standard?) - What if your tags would actually have a common vocabulary and be specified in the same format by all supporting pages? Then tools like Mozilla Operator and BlueOrganizer would be able to give you extended functionality, Yahoo SearchMonkey would be more precise and many other things possible. Can we create such standard? Andraz Tori

  • +6 Tag Mining: So you've successfully tapped your crowd's wisdom - but what exactly are you going to do with it, and how? I'll give an overview on how to cluster, classify, order, or visualize tags in order to extract knowledge beyond the tag cloud. I would like this to lead into a discussion of further uses of these in my view underexploited pieces of information. Nicolas Neubauer

  • +3 Global Participation Feed (XML Mashup Feed) - OneAim.org: An Internet standard with which data on social participation can be exchanged, connected and spreaded faster across websites throughout the world is to be developed and suggested in an international online dialogue by means of the Global Participation Feed. Examples are information on petitions, referendums, actions, social or ecological projects, strategic consumption, social undertakings, electronic participation (eParticipation), fundraising, other provisions of resources as well as jobs and appointments. About: The World Social Web Dialogue (WSWD) will be a cross-website and cross-language global online dialogue which brings experts for social change together with Internet experts. The aim is to share knowledge about existing internet tools for social actions and incite and develop new, peripheral Internet standards and protocols as well as new information technologies which 1. correspond to the needs of those people, organisations, initiatives, institutions and social businesses committed to making the world a more socially and ecologically just place and 2. provide those people suffering from poverty and oppression with modern tools so that they can free themselves independently or through the support of other people. Other standards beyond Global Participation Feed: Global Search Grid, Global Dialogue Grid. Link: OneAim.org - World Social Web Dialogue - Speaker: Ingmar Redel - Language: Deutsch

  • +2 Getting started with creative flash photography by learning how to use off-camera lighting you can take your photography to a whole 'nother level. And by using cheap third-party or used flashes in full-manual mode a starter kit can cost less than 100 euros. Following the Strobist concept, this session would give you an introduction into the creative possibilities of off-camera lighting with one or multiple flash units and an overview about the minimal equipment you need to start experimenting on your own. (To get started, you would need any DSLR or other camera with flash hotshoe and manual controls). Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or suggestions beforehand. (Ole Begemann) Update 19/10/2008: Session writeup

  • +1 YAML CSS Framework - Questions & Anwers ... creating a live example (using YAML Builder), discussing best practice solutions ... Dirk Jesse

  • +7 Adding Magic to a Website - Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery ... we will introduce jQuery by building a small application live during the session. Dirk Jesse & David Maciejewski

  • +7 Mobile Opportunities for Startups, Updated - Mobile is one of the hottest trends right now, think iPhone, think Android. But what is the nature of the opportunity - is this the time to make it big in mobile ? In my session I want to share an updated version of a presentation I gave at Mobile Web Mega Trends at the beginning of September with the intent to open a discuss with the audience. Matthäus Krzykowski

  • +7 German Politics and the Web - The German political establishment does not seem to appreciate the power of the web and German developers and entrepenuers (and apparently BarCampers as evidenced in this wiki) do not seem to be interested in the political uses of the Web. Let's discuss! Ole Tangen Jr.

  • +3 Introduction to Erlang. You can describe Erlang (and I sure stole that somewhere), as a “Language, a Virtual Machine and a Standard Library”. This is quite a bunch of things to learn. Florian will show you how to get started quickly and how to make sense of all the pieces without getting confused and how to write beautifully concurrent and faul-tolerant applications in Erlang. C. Florian Ebeling

  • +1Twitter inside firewalls: Microblogging and micro-sharing with Communote. What ist microblogging vs. mico-sharing? What are enterprise requirements to microblogging? What are the use cases? First experiences? What are the tools we tried? What is Communote? Dirk Röhrborn - on sunday only.

  • +4 Zend Framework Introduction - The Zend Framework is a flexible, well documented and rapidly gaining momentum MVC framework to both enhance existing applications and develop clean code from scratch. I could provide a beginner's introduction, point out strenghts and weaknesses and would love to exchange experiences with other users. This would be an unconference session in the way, that I would try to tailor it to the people attending. Any cohosts definetely welcome. Please get in touch. Stefan Peter Roos/Proud Music

  • +3 Multi-Language Blogging - how to make Wordpress work in several languages, language plugins overview, how to localize themes and plugins. Valentin Hussong

  • Scaling IT in Armenia A country that has a strong IT background, strong schools of mathematics and physics, and a naturally enterpreneurial nature with strong aspiration towards knowledge. Today a number of companies and professionals are solving the complex problems of today's IT Francoise Mutti

  • Nokia & S60. About Nokia N96, Nokia Touchscreen Handys, Nokia Comes With Music and S60 Applications. Hasan Öztas (only in german)

  • +3 Successful technologies for groups should comply with basic laws of groups. Psychology, sociology, anthropology... Such as "groups are open by default" "groups are inclusive rather than exclusive" "most groups are not formally organized" "groups are mostly small 2 to 10 people", "most groups have no formal hierarchy", "most groups are heterogenious" "group technology needs to be seamless and unobstrusive" "groups have references" "groups are consensus driven" ... And if you look at today's software and web services, extremely few self-proclaimed group apps really achieve to statisfy many of these requirements. So what can we do to change that? Let's develop some principles, start a group technology manifesto! Moritz Schroeder

  • +2 Web 2.0 and the Law User Generated Content (UGC) is a major part of everything, what is understood under Web 2.0. Thie session gives an overview on possible legal risks but also chances in connection to UGC. The first part shows the reasons why and when a hoster can be held responsible for (illegal) user generated content on his plattform. The second part shows which legal points you have to keep in mind, if you work with user generated content and want use it. Carsten Ulbricht

  • +2 Agile development with a real team Agile strategies allow software development to be faster, better, ... (add your favorite attribute) But how to get from theory to practice? How do you cope with different skill levels, time pressure, lazyness, "old fashioned" customers and other obstacles to the theory? Jens Herrmann

  • +6 Security and the Web 2.0 – Experience from a virus hunter Learn how the bad guys use the new shiny Web technologies to cause chaos, disruption or even steal your identity. In a large group of supporting people there is always one that tries to misuse the system for his own advantage. As a virus hunter I have to deal with those black sheep every day. Learn about attacks like XSS, CSRF or SQL injection and see the underground market where the stolen data finally lands. Helping you to not become the next victim. Candid Wüest

  • Digital families – is your child safe? The Internet is getting ubiquitous. It is no surprise that even the youngest ones want to play a part in it. I want to show you some of the risks younger people face in the Web, like Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking etc. Let’s share tips and start the discussion how you can guide and protect your child online in order to provide them with a pleasant Internet experience. Candid Wüest

  • +1 Why and how to make a widget Netvibes.com is a personalized startpage. The user chooses among thousands of widgets and feeds to create his own page. We encourage site owners to create widgets for their services, so they can be added to our users' pages. The session is about good widget concepts and design, and about UWA, the Universal Widget API.Magdalena Böttger

  • +1 Using Web2.0-applications at school - why?/why not? Talking about the value of Web2.0-applications, e.g. Weblog, Podcasts for lessons at school, Melanie Unbekannt.

  • +1 The future – and what might be there? I will introduce the scenario-technique as one tool to forethink what could be in the future. Scenarios are a great way to navigate through times of uncertainty. I also like to explore how to develop this technique in terms of a collective use in the 2.0-world. Additionally I will present some other tools for how to deal with the future. Moritz Avenarius

  • Online - Offline, Opportunities – A Discussion I would like to start a discussion around the gaps and the opportunities which still lie between the online and the offline world. I will present some randomly chosen problems and point out the abundance of technical possibilities available today in order to then think about solutions together. Ferdinand Mühlhäuser

  • Finally realizing "Personalized News" in a new Web 2.0 Service: nandoo.net (Early Beta Status)I would like to present an upcoming Newsportal called nandoo.net which provides users with personalized news. nandoo.net quickly learns what users like. They just need to do a few clicks to provide the system with some sample news articles that describe topics they want to be informed about. The nandoo.net community helps structuring the content, because topics trained with sample texts are shared among all users. Besides that, Nandoo.net offers many great features to make news reading even more comfortable for the user (e.g. automatic text summarization). At the moment, Nandoo.net is running in an early beta test, aiming to launch in January 2009. I would like to invite people to join for beta testing, and also talk about the technical background if this is of interest: Apache Wicket (great Java Framework), Spring, Hibernate. And there is an upcoming iPhone application for reading your own personalized news :-)Bernd Mrohs

  • the wiki-net, Mattis Manzel. Using day-page-sets you can provide different feeds for a wiki: who help, the idea behind the wiki, a face where the community tells the public what's up and so on ... The wiki-net is a concept for a decentralized and community steered network among all wikis. Recent experiments with LocalNames in the wiki-net are promising: instant shared LocalNames soon. kabo-wiki-hive - local-names-sand-wiki

  • +7 Babelyou, the worldwide accessible social network, connects already more than 70 countries and 40 languages. Babelyou offers the possibility, on a unique platform, to build networks, to establish contact with friends from all around the globe and to keep in connection with them. Those who want to learn a foreign language can find, with special searching criteria, a proper language partner worldwide and learn together. Babelyou offers the possibility to create your own profile, to upload photos and videos, as well as a newsfeed with comment and twitter function common interest and discussions groups. Andreas König

  • OPEN MICRO-BLOGGING - Laonica/identi.ca - Twitter als OpenSource: bleeper.de basiert auf dem OpenMicroBlogging-Protokoll und OpenSource (Laconica). Der Service ist damit keine "Insel", auf der die angemeldeten Nutzer sich nur zu Nutzern des gleichen Dienstes connecten können. Die Standard-Kommunikation erlaubt plattformübergreifendes Connecten zu anderen Laconica-Installationen, wie z.B. dem kanadischen Service identi.ca. Wir stellen Laconica vor und berichten über unsere Erfahrungen der ersten Monate (bleeper-de)


  • SEO for beginners
  • Data portability, oAuth, OpenID, and related technologies: The future of the open social web?
  • Flow3
  • Scrum as method for agile IT project management - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(development)
  • Web Productmanagement: How do I decide what to build?
  • Usability Testing
  • Web Design Patterns
  • How to start a low cost StartUp - (bootstrapping, outsourcing, prototyping, PR)
  • Web Analytics, Google Analytics

Topic suggestions and wishes go here. Please add your topic suggestions in English!

Be prepared: Use our presentation template. Write down your topic an plug it into a free slot on saturday and sunday morning's agenda setting.

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